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Access digital resources about barriers to care, understanding diverse populations, and outreach tools.

Explore provider and patient resources and promote your health equity program

Provider resources

What do patients say is needed to break down barriers to care? Find insights and fast facts about what underserved patients say prevents them from following the path to specialty care.


Patient resources

Help referring physicians and primary care providers engage underserved patients in their care and improve their access to specialty care.

Media toolkit

Find ready-to-use materials to increase awareness of health inequities, promote your program, prepare your team as spokespeople, and engage the media.

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Heart and vascular disease insights

At-a-glance insights into disease-specific risk factors and disparities can help you implement outreach plans that work for people at risk for serious cardiovascular disease in your community.

See insights about heart and vascular disease

Close the Gap patient website

Boston Scientific interviewed patients to find out what information they want in order to take charge of their own health. Direct patients and your referrers to our patient-specific website:

  • A personalized cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Patient-doctor discussion guide
  • Educational materials on chronic diseases and health disparities

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