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Our approach

Reach and care for more women and people of color with life-saving care

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Fight for health equity

20+ years

Our Close the Gap team has worked to fight health disparities by providing insights, strategy, and support to healthcare partners to reduce health inequities.

100,000+ missed patients

Over the past year, Close the Gap has worked with dozens of partners, identifying over 100,000+ women and people of color missing equitable care.

4 disease states

Our focus is currently on addressing disparities in life-threatening conditions: atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, heart failure, and peripheral artery disease.

A collaboration to close the gap in healthcare disparities

In order to address inequities in healthcare, we believe that we must work together to improve specialty care access for women and people of color with life-threatening conditions.

At Close the Gap, we partner with health systems and providers to address specialty care disparities by providing robust, disease-specific data, and resources you can customize to create measurable improvement in care.

Build awareness, influence change

See how we can help you build awareness about healthcare disparities and how we can work together to build a strategy to address them.

Use localized data

See our approach to using local data about disparities in specialty care to increase clinical representation in your practice.

Leverage health equity resources

See how we can help you build an action plan for addressing barriers to care.

Health equity strategic framework

While inequities exist in the diagnosis and treatment of women and people of color in need of specialty care, it’s not easy for healthcare professionals to know how to be part of the change. Below is our programmatic approach to empower you to advance your health equity efforts:

Build awareness about health disparities in heart and vascular care to initiate measurable improvement

Review localized disparity data and benchmarks to uncover opportunities and set goals to increase clinical representation

Develop your health equity action plan to educate physicians and patients with best practices and customizable resources

A collaborative approach

We work with you to understand the disease prevalence within your community and ways to create change.

We provide:
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Disparity data, epidemiological research, community statistics

Determining the strategy of your program starts with a data-driven understanding of your community’s needs. Our healthcare disparity data allows us to look at the burden of disease at a national and local level. We share with you the prevalence of disease and rate of minimally invasive interventions in your area.

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Health equity resources to influence change

Find information about the biggest barriers to clinical care and tools to promote health equity amongst your peers and within your community.

Ready to get started?

Dedicated health equity consultants are here to help you build a localized program that supports your at-risk demographics – at no expense to you.